Practicing forearm stands! I held myself for maybe a good 30 seconds before having to use the pole to balance again. So far so good. 

Superman is still a little shaky, but I learned a cool variation of the gemini that I really loved! The studio I was at called it Twisted Angel. I think it’s purdy. 

  • superman
  • hero
  • cupid
  • aysha 
  • extended butterfly
  • barbed wire to butterfly
  • superman to scorpio
  • better at my gemini/scorpio change
  • peter pan
  • allegra
  • crooked chopsticks
  • and the big kicker, my splits. 

Getting a good start so far!!! 



I’m so happy I’m shaking. It could also be from trying to do this 20 times in a row to get it… But I’m finally making some progress after not dancing for a bit!! 



Anastasia Sokolova at LOFTONE in Switzerland (x)

She is just amazing <3

…….That’s all static pole too…

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Juliet Spin

Oooh! Pretty pretty

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I broke my toe today while I was at work. Dropped a plane of glass on it. Luckily it was all fixed up….. BUT I’M SO BUMMED I WON’T GET TO DANCE AT ALL FOR LIKE… I DON’T KNOW HOW LONG. 

Im very sleepy and medicated. 

I was all excited about making more pole videos for tricks i’ve been working on, but thats not going to happen for a bit longer…

Unless i make a style were I just don’t use my left leg… or at least the toes…We shall see. But everything is fine. It’s sleepy time. 

FINALLY. I’ve always been a little too scared to do a ballerina spin on spinning pole. And I even managed to climb up a little first. 


There was plenty of pole dancing on this trip too. 

I HIGHLY suggest checking out the Dollhouse Poledance studio if you are in the Minneapolis area and interested in learning for the first time or a seasoned dancer. Favorite studio, amazing teachers, super fun and creative workshops. My friends and I always have a blast. I love these people. 

Dollhouse Poledance Studio 

Need to get back into a cycle of working, doing yoga and pole every few days. 

I tried dancing today and I just SUCKED. I forgot what moves I could do, I felt rusty, not able to move as well, tight in the hips.


I learned some new things! I don’t know what either of them are called. Help?

To nailing superman today.  A picture or video will follow if I do. 

To non pole dancers that must sound strange…


Brass monkey! I DID IT. I might have cheated a little and did it from a handstand. But at least I got my feet up there?

Lots of small dances there and there to relieve the day’s stress. 

Today I worked on Cupid and Peter Pan again. SO CLOSE YET SO FAR AWAY. I can’t figure out what i’m doing wrong to not nail if after this long. I think with Cupid I just have the issue of not getting enough pressure against the pole with my foot so I can push my hips forward. 

Any tips out there from fellow dancers? How did you finally nail Cupid? :((( 

Any suggestions for other moves to learn in the mean time that might help get the others? 

Pole Diary: 
It’s been a while. I’m trying to keep things written down as well as posting it up on here. I’ve mostly been diddling about. Things have been a little too crazy to keep up with lessons regularly. But I have a stainless steel pole now! 

Moves I have worked on: 

  • cross ankle release 
  • the lean back 
  • flag with straight legs

It’s so nice to be able to wake up, put some legwarmers on and just dance around for a bit. 

Opaque  by  andbamnan