My lady love is heeerrreeeeeeee!!!

Back to working full time and part time. Don’t know how I feel about it, or many things lately, but I’m going to forget about it until after I’m done celebrating my birthday with my lovely ladies.

Couldn’t be more thankful for all my friends, no matter how close or far they are.


When I miss the mini apple so much I just HAVE to go back. 

I’m just guessing there’s going to be some spooktacular times though. ;)

I need a cuddle buddy. Stat. 

Why are feelings always to darn complicated? 


Sneak peak into another item for the shop! Keep a look out for the official launch post! 

I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS SHOP TO GET GOING. Been a work in progress for a while now! Take a peak at my art blog for all my illustrations and doo-dads that I make. 
  • my pole teachers visiting from out of town
  • getting to play tour guide
  • job interview that seemed to go really really well SO KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED FOR ME
  • old job realizing how much they needed me 
  • two trips to the beach.
  • night hike 
  • more pole dancing
  • discovering my new favorite chocolate bar. Lavender Blueberry. YUM. 
  • picked up a couple new books to read
  • reconnected with an old camp friend
  • went on a few wonderful dates and one that totally blew my socks off. 
  • got to see my old high school mates again for a mini reunion
  • came out to my parents about being bi and they were so most supportive about it without a second thought. I cried wondering why I was so scared in the first place. 
  • got my old job back and been so happy to see all those faces again. 
  • one of my best friends from college is going to be here in 9 days AND I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HER FACE. 
  • realizing my birthday is in 12 days. 

Finally happy with this little guy! I need this on a mug. 

Definitely needed this today. 

And a leg switch. Just finally got that down comfortably. Before I was just hoping I didn’t slip and fall. 

I want to go back here. So bad.


You tell ‘em ladies. 

I was very blessed to have been able to go to comic con and booth sit for my dear friend Greg Spalenka in artist alley. He’s a fantastic illustrator and has been a mentor for me for a long time.
I’m feeling pumped to make art again!

Haven’t done this in a while. Definitely needed with all the ups and downs lately. Let’s focus on the positive shall we? 

  • went to hawaii with the family
  • swam with turtles and dolphins
  • really spent some awesome quality time with the parents that I haven’t done in a looonggg time. 
  • was asked to be a bridesmaid for one of my old friends
  • been able to grab lunch with my oldest friend a few times in the same month. RECORD FOR US. 
  • celebrated my friend’s 21st and got to go salsa dancing
  • went to a masked ball with friends and ran into some familiar faces. 
  • had my baby cousins from holland visit!!! 
  • Played with them every day and went on a few awesome adventures with them. 
  • played hooky at work to drive to nevada and surprise my grandpa for his birthday with the rest of the family. 
  • quit my abusive job 
  • got a legit logo design gig
  • was asked to go to comic con again to help out my illustrator friend and MIRACULOUSLY found a place to stay last minute. 
  • Sold a piece of art and some jewelry at an art show! 
  • now having the time to really get my own show up and running
  • made amends with an old friend

I’m going to hit the ground running. There’s nothing holding me back now. 


My cousins think I’m a human coloring book generator.

They also know I can’t say no to them.

I was feeling cute.
And then everyone at work thought it was hilarious to call me either aunt jemima or we can do it girl.

Come on. Is Rosie so hard to remember?

Opaque  by  andbamnan