It’s peach cobbler season at my house

Everyone was pissy at work. Came home to the parental units being incredibly short tempered. 


The Muster can’t fit in his pool comfortably anymore. Yeah right “mini pig”
We have chickens now.
  • remembering why I love art so much
  • moving on from a no where job
  • kisses
  • indian food
  • smelling the ocean
  • sleeping in
  • lunar eclipse tomorrow
  • hopefully going to some crazy full moon party soon
  • having someone tell you, you are beautiful
  • getting a red rose
  • chocolate and ice cream run with mom
  • getting time to spend with the parents a bit
  • being out in the sunshine
  • hiking
  • getting some early mother’s day gifts
  • midnight run to in-n-out
  • just genuinely feeling happy about life in general and waking up with a smile on my face every morning. 
  • even when it’s freaking early for work.

It’s been a very good weekend. Sleeping in, good company, impromptu adventures, seeing the beach for a bit and amazing indian food. 

I feel so lucky. 


Today was just a good day.

Some snapshots from my hike today. Next time a picnic is in order.

Still her favorite cuddle spot.
Found a friend in the garden.

at my house this evening, opened the door for me to slide into his car. Then he told me to close my eyes, and when I was allowed to open them he gave me a single red rose. 

*le sigh*

I have been twitterpated. 

Definitely today.

Feeling super nostalgic tonight. 

Here’s my awesome cat. She passed away a few years ago.. but she was one of the best pets I’ve ever had the honor of taking care of. She was born at my house under my mom’s desk. Her sister is still around, but I miss the way this little lady cuddled with me every night. And put up with how I loved to squish her face. 

Huntington Gardens trip with afishonland was super successful and lovely.

Opaque  by  andbamnan